Tall Tales after a Day on the Water

kern-river-brewingPeople sometimes ask where I came up with the idea of creating the Angler’s Pint. It all started after a day of fishing for golden trout in the southern Sierras. I was staying in the town of Kernville, and the Kern River Brewery is the only brewpub in town–so you know where I ended up that night, right?

If I recall properly, it’s right after the barkeep warned me of the ABV of the bourbon stout I was in love with and had just ordered again. I was doodling on a napkin and noodling over an idea that had been in my head all day: an Angler’s Pint.

Having enjoyed a pint in a proper British pint glass and inquiring about the crown etched near the top, I was told that a royal pint is a certified vessel in UK. I was pretty sure that in the US, a pint poured at a pub was neither certified nor as big as a British pint, which got me thinking.

Angler’s Pint creator Karen Talbot enjoying a beer break during a day of fishing the Kern River.

After a day getting line on water, I know more than one angler has sat down and told a tall tale or two over a beer, and it occurred to me that the best pint glass for that situation would be one that is both bigger than both an American and a British Pint.

The Angler’s Pint concept was born (and today you can get yours at www.AnglersPint.com!).

That was five years ago, but it wasn’t until 2015 that I decided to use Kickstarter to try to raise the capital to produce the first Angler’s Pint…but that’s another blog post.

Cheers to tight lines!

death valley pale ale
Provisioning for fishing the Southern Sierras

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