Conservation through Appreciation


Having a conversation about salmon at the Orvis Manchester flagship store -public painting is always a great opportunity to promote “Conservation through Appreciation.” 

The tagline of my overarching business–Karen Talbot Art–is “Conservation through Appreciation,” and I believe it applies as much to an Angler’s Pint as it does to a large painting.

The idea is that someone may appreciate one of my paintings, like the salmon pictured here, for its aesthetic value, and that appreciation can then open the door to a conversation about the the life cycle of salmon and ultimately the conservation status of the species.

I have some clients who are not even anglers but who have my fish paintings hanging on their walls. Some of these clients, who will readily volunteer that they are “not fish” people, can still tell you all about the unique natural history traits and conservation challenges those species face. One client told me “It’s great for cocktails parties!,” which, of course, made me happy. “Not fish” people discussing and sharing information about the conservation status of salmonids at a cocktail party–that’s the start of conservation through appreciation!

The Angler’s Pint not only opens a door to a conversation about conservation, but it also creates the time and space for that conversation (it takes a while to drink 21.5 ounces of beer, after all!). While many anglers will have no problem getting this dialog going over their favorite craft brew, I have created a page at dedicated to conservation notes about the species depicted on the various Angler’s Pints. You’ll also find an ever-growing list of conservation resources ranging from advocacy organizations and government agencies to books and films. Check it out, and let me know if you have thoughts about other resources or conservation points to include.

Cheers & Tight Lines!

2016-10-22 21.24.18
An Angler’s Pint can create the space and time for a conversation about conservation.




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