Introducing the Yellowfin Tuna Angler’s Pint


The second saltwater Angler’s Pint just landed…and just in time for Christmas! Please welcome the Yellowfin Tuna Angler’s Pint to the Angler’s Pint family. Like its sibling, the Bluefin Tuna Angler’s Pint, the Yellowfin Tuna Angler’s Pint features a saltwater rod, large arbor reel and an appropriate fly pattern on the back of the glass (a GT Fly pattern I borrowed from Orvis).

yellowfin seafood watchI completed this original yellowfin tuna painting back when I lived in Southern California. While yellowfin tuna are a popular gamefish in the Pacific, the painting also went straight to the core of the tagline of my business: Conservation through Appreciation, as it was central to a collaboration I undertook with Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program.

The original painting itself was matted to 16″x20″, and the print has been popular in my print catalog ever since. The original yellowfin tuna painting is watercolor on paper unlike the bluefin tuna, which is acrylic on board. Nonetheless, I think the two work well together on the Angler’s Pints and hopefully make a nice set!


yellowfin 1


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