The Atlantic Salmon Angler’s Pint

Atlantic-Salmon-ImagesA few days ago, I introduced the Yellowfin Tuna Angler’s Pint, which is the perfect companion to the Bluefin Tuna Angler’s Pint. Today I’m pleased to share the new Atlantic Salmon Angler’s Pint with you as well. This Angler’s Pint is near and dear to my heart as someone who lives in Maine and has been fortunate enough to partner on several river restoration and sea-run fishes projects.

I began working on the original artwork in the winter of 2013 at the Maine Sportsman Show (where I was humbled to be awarded the Maine State Sportsmen Show Artist of the Year 2013!).

atl salmon mains sportsmen 2013

I wanted to finish the piece for a summer show I was preparing to hang in the Karen Talbot Art Gallery here in Rockland, Maine, which didn’t leave a lot of time. As such, I put a lot of studio time in throughout that spring.

atl salmon 2013 studio

I wouldn’t say it was fast, but this piece did come together pretty efficiently, and I was really pleased with the outcome, which sold in my Gallery.

atl salmon easel 2013

With four trout Angler’s Pints in production now, I knew I wanted to start on another series of fishes that freshwater anglers cherish. What better than a salmon series? You may recall that I released a limited edition co-branded Chinook Salmon Angler’s Pint in September to celebrate the North Carolina premiere of the internationally acclaimed environmental documentary, The Memory of Fish.


In terms of additional salmon artwork, I already have several Pacific salmon, and I recently completed a spawning male Atlantic salmon that was commissioned to celebrate the Howland Dam fish bypass on the Penobscot River here in Maine.


In addition, last year I completed a landlocked salmon, which is the Maine state fish.

Landlocked Atlantic Salmon 5x10 inches

So, as you can see, I have options for a salmon series of Angler’s Pints.

What would you like to see?





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