Opening Day!

20180401_164346As you know, the Angler’s Pint is perfect for tall tales after a day on the water, but this year it was tall tales in front of the fire! While I have a year-round stream not far from my studio here in Rockland, Maine, there is something special about getting out on April 1st, the traditional first day of the fishing season.


Snow on the banks and cold water were warmed by a bright sun as I visited several midcoast streams throughout the day. I had hoped to go farther afield, but a lame duck (really, a duck with a bum foot!) kept me closer to home. It was awesome just to be out casting, but a brown trout lurking along a dark eddy line made it even better.


I even got a mention in the Portland Press Herald in a piece written by angler-writer Deirdre Flemming titled “‘Opening day’ remains a ritual, regardless of Easter – or the weather.”  As fun as the day was, it sure was nice to sit down in front of the fire that night with my Brook Trout Angler’s Pint, a Maine beer and stories of another opening day in Maine.

20180407_134956 (1)



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