Feeling Lucky?

Mushmouth Fly

The third glass in the offshore series of saltwater Angler’s Pints is releasing next month. Can you guess what species it will be? Hint: The fly shown above is the one that will appear on the back of the glass.

Think you know? Then head on over to the Angler’s Pint Facebook page or Instagram (@AnglersPint) and enter your guess as a comment under the picture of this fly (it will be pinned to the top of the Facebook page, but you may have to scroll down on the Instagram page). This Saturday, April 14th, I’ll randomly select a winner from all the correct answers, and you will win an Angler’s Pint of your choice. In order to win, you must either follow the Angler’s Pint Instagram OR like the Angler’s Pint Facebook page.

Good luck!


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