Bluefin Tuna Angler’s Pint

The Bluefin Tuna Angler’s Pint is the first glass in a new saltwater line of Angler’s Pints. These saltwater Angler’s Pints will differ from the trout Angler’s Pints insofar as they feature a saltwater rod and large arbor reel, as well as an appropriate fly pattern on the back of each glass (this glass has […]

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Stone Brewing Shrimp Tacos

If you read the Stone Brewing Blog (and, as a beer lover, you should read it!), you saw the post about the Stone Tangerine Express IPA Fish Tacos. As someone who once lived in Southern California and developed an appreciation for both fish tacos and Stone beer, I knew this was a recipe I was going […]

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Conservation through Appreciation

  The tagline of my overarching business–Karen Talbot Art–is “Conservation through Appreciation,” and I believe it applies as much to an Angler’s Pint as it does to a large painting. The idea is that someone may appreciate one of my paintings, like the salmon pictured here, for its aesthetic value, and that appreciation can then open the […]

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